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Hermitage Bay

Antigua y Barbuda

Hermitage Bay, located in Antigua, is a five-star all-inclusive luxury hotel in the Caribbean. This luxury boutique resort is nestled on the hillside of a hidden sandy bay, where the sound of the waves rolling on the shore surrounds you. 

Featuring luxurious accommodations, wellness, and dining facilities, this sensitively developed resort celebrates the peace, warmth, and extraordinary natural beauty of the Caribbean. Hermitage Bay is pure magic.

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From panoramic views and an incredible beachfront location to interiors that channel the beauty of the surrounding bay. Hermitage Bay’s suites offer a secluded space to relax and restore the soul, with feature decks facing the ocean and open-air showers.
Try authentic Antiguan dishes featuring freshly caught seafood or a romantic dinner in the moonlight. The menus change daily but always combine local favorites with classic American dishes and modern European fare. It is all-inclusive, to ensure that your stay is as carefree and effortless as possible. During your stay, you will enjoy limitless cocktails and beverages. Whether you choose to dine at the poolside, or at the beautiful beachfront restaurant, the service is as warm as the Caribbean sunshine.

Hermitage Bay partners with some of the island’s best teams to provide you with a rich array of experiences to truly immerse yourself in the soul of the Caribbean.

Some of the Resort’s activities include a chef’s cooking demonstration, non-motorized water sports, golf, tennis, scuba diving, scuba diving in turquoise waters nearby Cades Reef, exploring some of Antigua’s 365 beaches on a catamaran cruise or private boat charter. Plus, enjoying the local attractions

Hermitage Bay is located in Antigua Island.

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At Hermitage Bay all the products and services are assessed for environmental impact before purchase. They only provide non motorized water sports to their guests and use only battery operated golf carts around the property. Both services reduce noise pollution and exclude the use of fossil fuel. They also maintain the health of the natural mangrove that stretches through the property and preserve the beach in its natural state.
Hermitage Bay has adopted the local Jennings primary school. They support the school by donations and physical services. Their downgraded linen are donated to the local community clinic. Their official Hermitage Bay Charity also spread love in the nearby communities with the donation of food baskets throughout the year.
Hermitage Bay menus are structured around locally grown and supplied fruits, vegetables and fish. They only serve local fruits and fresh local fish. They also maintain an onsite organic vegetable garden which also supplies the kitchen with fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs.
To reduce energy Hermitage Bay use LED bulbs, Inverter A/C units and turn off guest A/C when they are on the beach during the day. All A/C units also have a standard setting of 23 to conserve energy. Their long term energy goal is to operate on 100% renewable energy and become a carbon neutral property.
Hermitage Bay encourages guests to take showers instead of baths and to reuse linen and towels when possible. Their sewage system is designed to hold, process, and discharge treated waste. When the required treatment and effluent quality is achieved, the waste is used to water the garden in the form of greywater.
Hermitage Bay waste management system is based on the 4 “R” Re-think, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Amenities such as shower gel and shampoo are provided to guests in refillable dispensing bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles. Additionally, they compost kitchen waste on their onsite organic garden.