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Sustainability in the Travel Industry
Learn how sustainability is reshaping the travel industry, from eco-friendly hotels to airlines reducing emissions and...
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Savoring Sustainability
Enjoy the art of gastronomy with a commitment to sustainability. Savor the mouthwatering experiences at Ownia Collection's...
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Nicaragua Travel Guide
Nestled in Central America, Nicaragua stands as a captivating blend of natural wonders, cultural riches, and warm hospitality.
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Top 6 fall destinations
Discover Ownia Collection's luxurious Fall destinations, where luxury meets nature's autumn palette in breathtaking harmony.
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A Journey Towards Sustainable Travel and Wildlife Conservation
This October 4th, as we honor the beauty and significance of the animal kingdom, we invite you to delve into the realm...
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Clean Air with Train Travel
Let's dive into some easy yet impactful tips for sustainable travel, with a special focus on the environmentally friendly...
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Cultivate Wellness
Cultivate Wellness: As we explore the numerous benefits of having a home garden, let's also uncover the magic of farm-to-table...
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Embark on a Journey of Impact: Celebrate International Clean Up World Day with Ownia Collection
Traveling is more than just exploring new places and experiencing different cultures; it's about leaving a positive impact...
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Experience Climate Positive Hotels on Zero Emissions Day
Climate Positive Hotels mark a profound shift in the way we experience travel, aligning our adventures with responsible...
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Eco-luxury escape in Bali: Soori Bali
Eco-luxury escape in Bali: Soori Bali Ownia’s Blog Experience Ultimate Luxury and Tranquility at Soori Bali Nestled...
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Discover Sustainable Tranquility at Santa Barbara Azores
Santa Barbara Azores offers an enchanting escape that combines sustainable living, luxurious comfort, and immersive exploration.
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The #1 Romantic Resort in Aruba: Bucuti & Tara
As an adults-only eco-friendly resort, Bucuti & Tara embraces sustainability, romance, and personalized experiences that...
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Experience the Ultimate Eco Getaway Nestled along the pristine shores of Nicaragua, Morgan's Rock Eco-Lodge stands as a...
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The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Your Dog
The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Your Furry Friend: Tips, Flights, Pet-Friendly Hotels, and More
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Best 6 Pet Friendly Getaways
Embrace Unforgettable Adventures with Your Furry Friend: Exploring Pet-Friendly Paradises
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Become a Member Hotel of Ownia Collection
Become a member hotel of Ownia Collection - a haven where sustainable practices meet unparalleled luxury.
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Top 7 Beach Destinations For This Holiday Season
From hidden tropical gems to renowned coastal havens, our top 7 beach destinations promise an unforgettable escape from...
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Trees & Seas festival
Explore sustainable celebrations, eco-friendly practices, and nature's wonders. Join us for a green journey!
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International Luxury Travel Market creating moments that matter
International Luxury Travel Market “Creating moments that matter” (ILTM) INTERNATIONAL LUXURY TRAVEL MARKET...
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Saving Mangroves with AI
Exciting News for Our Planet! Google and WWF developed amazing technology to save the Mangroves using AI. A Game Changer...
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Exploring the Peruvian Amazon Sustainably
Discover the Wonders of the Amazon and Its Impact on Our Planet.
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Witnessing the Breathtaking Wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara
An Unforgettable Eco-Luxury Experience at Sala's Camp. Nature's Most Spectacular Show and How You Can Make a Positive Impact
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5 reasons to book with Ownia Collection
Join us on a journey of a lifetime with sustainability at our core plus unparalleled luxury.
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Give back to earth day
Celebrating Earth Day: Sustainable Travel and Ways to Honor Our Planet
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Bucuti & Tara: the perfect resort for honeymooners
Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, a hidden gem nestled on the beautiful shores of Aruba. The perfect destination for honeymooners...
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Overtourism and How to Override it
Discover the Impact of Overtourism. Join us in exploring responsible travel practices and preserving cherished destinations.
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Ownia Collection is proud to be part of the WTTC's initiative to empower women in the industry!
Discover how this woman-led company champions gender equality and sustainability in the travel industry
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Hotels & Resorts that will make your holiday season more magical
Discover eco-conscious destinations and create cherished memories this holiday season
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The best destinations to spend a dreamy Thanksgiving weekend
Explore luxurious eco-hotels and exceptional experiences for a memorable Thanksgiving celebration
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Are Sustainable Luxury Hotels & Resorts Possible?
Explore how hotels are embracing eco-friendly measures without compromising on luxury.
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