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Isla Palenque


A sanctuary away from reality. Located just off Panama’s Pacific Coast, Isla Palenque is a private island with nearly 400 acres of lush jungle, framed by 7 pristine beaches and houses a number of wilderness trails and hidden archaeological sites. Guests staying at the island’s 8 barefoot luxury Beachfront Casitas and the Beachfront Villa Estate are free to explore every inch of the island by foot or by water in kayaks and SUPs.

The perfect place that fits everyone’s dream vacation, Isla Palenque can be the most relaxing, peaceful place, the most fun and adventurous, or both! It absolutely depends on what each guest is looking for!by

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Amazing beach front casitas for the best oceanfront and rainforest living experience. Each casita is a secluded & private luxurious space, offering guests all the comfort and blissfulness. Covered open-air lounges and bathrooms create a tropical indoor-outdoor living experience. Spacious private porches and gardens invite guests to relax in their hammocks or swinging day beds, while outdoor tubs and showers offer the chance to soak up nature’s good vibes.

Beachfront dining at Las Rocas Restaurant & Bar is the perfect match for a tropical vacation. A sophisticated take on Panamian cuisine: hyper-local, sustainable and delicious. Every appetizer, entree and cocktail is inspired by Panama and its culinary traditions, with the international flavor influences, and produce from Isla Palenque’s very own organic farm. If guests prefer a nice & simple meal, there also are more familiar & safe options. As well as vegetarian, vegan or gluten free, adapting to everyone’s needs.


Isla Palenque offers a wide range of activities fitting everyone’s likes. Guests are available to wander around a private island, explore the lush jungle, and enjoy the magnificent views, beaches, and relaxing activities.

With more than 8 miles of hiking trails, 7 accessible private beaches and guided excursions on & near the island guests can explore the island to their heart’s content.

Island in Boca Chica, Chiriquí, Panama

Fly to Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport (PTY) 

Many of Cayuga’s hotels occupy remote Rainforest locations. That’s why Cayuga makes it a priority to preserve the natural surroundings, protecting thousands of acres of endangered tropical rainforest. In Isla Palenque there’s a total developed footprint of approximately 5% of the island, with over half kept as a nature reserve. Much of the wooden furniture is made on-site from trees that have fallen naturally on the island, plus the island has a reforestation program inviting guests to plant a primary rainforest seedling of their choice in an area of secondary growth
Cayuga Collection hires 100% of its employees from the local area. Providing professional growth, offering ongoing training, promoting internally, and fueling the team’s desire to grow! Caluga won the 2018 People Award by the World Travel & Tourism Council, Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, for their commitment to improving career opportunities in the locations they operate. To keep sustainable innovation, Cayuga created an Innovation Contest to tap into the collective knowledge of their 400+ employees. Taking sustainable luxury even further at the Cayuga Collection.
Cayuga Collection believes that the concept of “local” is essential to sustainable tourism. That’s why they hire locals, buy local, and invest in the well-being of the community and natural surroundings. Making a conscious effort to source as many products as close to home as possible. Therefore, all Cayuga’s Collection mini bars are stocked with only local drinks and snacks. Their Spa products and bathroom amenities are 100% national. The gift shops offer a variety of products handmade by local artisans. To support the local economy even more, much of the furniture and art is also locally produced. Creating an authentic sense of place for the guests. The ingredients used at Las Rocas Bar & Restaurant are grown on the island. Also, Cayuga is a proud partner of the community-supported Dock to Dish sustainable fishing program.
Cayuga collection thrives to offer the ultimate eco-luxury experience, teaching guests to be more conscious and responsible, so it’s fully recommended for guests to turn off & unplug everything in their rooms while they are out for the day.
A smart solution to irrigating their lush hotel grounds. For many months of the year, the grounds of Cayuga’s rainforest properties become bone dry and need to be watered. To ease the demand for freshwater, Cayuga’s hotels and lodges put their wastewater to good use by purifying it onsite through a special biological system, making it completely safe and suitable for irrigating their gardens. Their drip irrigation systems then make sure that not a single drop is wasted.
Cayuga Collection banished all single-use plastics from all their hotels. These products take a vast quantity of fossil fuels to produce and are non-biodegradable, and can’t be recycled either. Instead, Cayuga replaced all single-use plastic straws with locally-made bamboo, and other biodegradable products that are compostable, which helps reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste.

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