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La Sultana Marrakech

Tucked away at the heart of the Kasbah, La Sultana Marrakech is an authentic Moroccan adventure. La Sultana puts you just moments from the royal palaces, museums and souks of magical Marrakech. Inside, authentic Moroccan cuisine, rooms and suites with terraces, and an Argan-infused spa are standout features of this boutique retreat. This is a boutique, eco-luxury hotel that knows how to spoil its guests, carrying a unique exotic ambiance all around La Sultana Marrakech. Beautiful craftsmanship, high vaulted ceilings, carved woods, marble, and copper echo the hotel’s rich heritage.

28 rooms and suites each featuring its own decoration mingling sophistication and elegance of an intimate atmosphere. Rooms fit from 2 to 3 guests. 

Guests in Suites are given a mobile phone, so they can contact their butler at any time to get everything you want at the tip of your fingers.


In La Sultana’s laboratory-kitchens, at lunchtime and in the evening, the spirit of nature provides the foundation for compiling the menus. Harmonious nature, with produce conjuring up market-fresh tastes, specially selected from their vegetable gardens.

A keen eye for detail, well-orchestrated gestures, and harmonious presentation pay homage to French-style dining culture and the Moroccan sense of hospitality.


La Sultana Marrakech has curated a variety of exclusive, foodie or immersive experiences and excursions to enable guests to discover the city in a unique way.
So, what is your plan today? Try an alternative immersive Street Food & Souks walking tour of the Médina or, in the Guéliz, go on a private visit to Yves Saint Laurent’s real home Villa Oasis. Marrakech’s playground is yours during an adrenaline-pumping and emotive Side-car ride, hot air balloon experience, or Mountain biking adventure.

La Sultana Marrakech is located in the historical Kasbah area in the Medina of Marrakech a stone throw from the main attractions.


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 La Sultana Marrakesh features Riad architecture with patios, thick brick walls and fountains naturally keeping fresh air inside the property and minimizing the need for air-conditioning

Since the inception of the company more than 15 years ago, La Sultana’s team has been dedicated to a level of social and environmental responsibility that begins with their employees.
Across La Sultana Marrakech & La Sultana Oualidia, La Sultana employs over two hundred people from local communities and offer add-on health, security and retirement schemes, which contribute to a low turnover rate and to retaining talent. They provide continued in-house staff training and education with regard to the environment which benefit their daily contribution to the quality of service and attention to detail at the hotels.

Empowering women:
Overall 40% of the management at La Sultana Hotels is made up of women and the team counts a total of 37% of their employees as women. As a company they make sure to provide equal opportunity for everyone.

La Sultana’s Communities:
Each Stay at La Sultana Marrakesh & La Sultana Oualidia drives positive change for natural and cultural conservation in Morocco through their commitments to select local charities. As a company they provide regular financial contributions and promote the actions of national charities, Les Enfants de Dar Bouidar, to their guests and business partners.
From 2022, they pledge to allocate 50% of their carbon emissions costs to earth-friendly projects and charities. Their financial contribution fosters activities that have positive impacts for Moroccan people and communities.
Our Actions:
Each stay at La Sultana Marrakesh & La Sultana Oualidia drives positive change for natural and cultural conservation in Morocco through company actions and contribution to select local charities.
Dar Bouidar : Orphan project
Location : Marrakesh, Atlas Mountains
What is it?
The Charity “Les Enfants de Dar Bouidar” created by Hansjörg Huber supports over 100 abandoned children to provide them with a new home, health check-up and an education.
How does La Sultana helps?
As a company they provide a maintenance & financial contributions and also the team of La Sultana Marrakech gives some of its time to set up enjoyable picnic lunches with the children.
How can you participate?
A gift box is displayed at the Front Desk and donations are given to the charity on your behalf.

La Sultana values their natural & cultural heritage which provides a strong sense of place to the guest experience at La Sultana Marrakech & La Sultana Oualidia.

Living Architectural Heritage
La Sultana Marrakesh has been refurbished using traditional Moroccan decoration techniques, to create an timeless place from a bygone era with present-day comfort. The expert craftsmen (Melems), stone and plaster carvers and zellige makers all used techniques and knowledge passed from generation to generation and are highly valuable in today’s Moroccan cultural heritage.
Decades after the refurbishment, they are keeping centuries-old techniques alive at La Sultana Marrakesh and using them to tell stories of the present through an Architectural Heritage tour of the property. The tour is led by La Sultana’s Living Architectural & Heritage Curators who walk guests through the different decorativearts: zellige, plaster, brick, tadelakt, craftsmanship techniques. The tour includes a stop at their workshops to see them in action and feel the materials and tools they use. In doing so, La Sultana keeps traditions alive for future generations and nourish real eagerness to understand these local traditions.

In the ancient UNESCO-listed habitat of Marrakesh
La Sultana Marrakesh is located in the heart of the UNESCO-listed Medina and the souks of Marrakesh. The Medina is really what makes the Red City worth visiting and the restoration project of La Sultana Marrakesh was designed to preserve and promote the city’s unique architecture. The neighborhood is very authentic with ancient houses and little shops shaped by time. This is actually one of the reasons why the Medina was listed as part of UNESCO’s World Heritage as it is “an ancient habitat and represents an outstanding example of a living historic town with its tangle of lanes, its houses, souks”. Another reason is the decisive role the Medina of Marrakesh has played in medieval urban development, as an urban model for other Moroccan cities like Fès. Through excursions like our “Urban Safari” and daily maintenance of properties in the vicinity, La Sultana helps to maintain a strong cultural local area for future generations

Terroir Cuisine:
La Sultana’s Terroir Cuisine philosophy is the belief that the flavors and ingredients are direct results of the climate, geography, and farming practices native to
Morocco, and thus express a sense of place. Honoring this philosophy, local and seasonal ingredients are sourced from a small network of Slow Food producers, including saffron from Taliouine, salt from Zerradoun, cumin from Alnif and Argan oil from Tensift-El Haouz, whilst fish and meat options are also carefully
sourced from local-ethical producers.
To bring the best quality to guests, the team handpicks the best local suppliers in the field and select organic products whenever possible to encourage sustainable
agricultural practices. They have achieved a breakfast selection at least 50% “organic” (coffee included)

Locally sourced, made in Morocco:
Morocco is La Sultana’s Marrakesh home and the hotel’s team constantly wants to make sure that their restaurants serve only local produce, the hotel boutiques stock products from local artisans and their Spas use locally made products, to be true to their values and provide a strong sense of place for the guests. La Sultana’s position on responsible purchasing practices is to ban imported goods (except cosmetics such as Clarins & Darphin) and to commit to using re-usable, compostable, or environmentally friendly products throughout La Sultana’s properties.
In order to promote Moroccan creativity & design, in the hotel boutiques they display only local and hand-made goods. they also have a display of handmade items supplied by their charities: all the proceeds go towards supporting their actions.

Organic Garden:
To offer the best flavor in every dish and to reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint, La Sultana produces their own organic vegetables in a communal garden in Marrakech and on their land at La Sultana Oualidia. Their approach is to respect the natural
environment with chemical-free, nettle fertilizer and some help from their happy hens to grow delicious, organic vegetables. Then they harvest their seeds to continue to benefit from the land sustainably. Thanks to La Sultana’s vegetable patch they naturally offer more plant-based dish options and increased the vegetarian and vegan selections
to offer a more sustainable cuisine.


For the implementation of energy reduction practices, La Sultana Marrakesh has obtained environmental certification from Green Key every year since 2016. Adopting energy saving practices in their daily activities include:

• Upgrading 80% of the lighting system to LED technology

• Bedroom key with automatic light switch-off 

• Adequate partial light-cut during night time

• Bathroom taps and shower heads with water aerator

• Optional daily towel & bed sheets replacement

• Water reduction system on toilet flush

• Drop by drop garden irrigation system

• Utilization of ecological washing powder for laundry

• Permanent surveillance of water pipes to avoid water leakage

• Setting up separate water meters per department: hotel, Spa, kitchen, laundry,
swimming pool and restaurant, to review actual consumption

• Chemical-free swimming pools and jacuzzi cleaning system (ionization & UV)

Water conscious

Water table production by the end of the year 2022
La Sultana Marrakech is located away from roads and so access is a challenge. It is impossible to bring enough glass bottles of water to cover 100% of our water consumption. Morocco is also a country where it is unadvisable to offer guests tap water. The project is to develop the
hotels to accommodate its own bottling unit for still and sparkling drinking water (in glass bottles). By establishing on-site filtration and bottling facilities, each property eliminates the transportation impacts and use of plastic water bottles. This project has been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic as it was originally scheduled to be implemented by the end of 2020. With all borders closed and lock downs, they feel it is wiser to push this project back by one year to 2022.

Waste management (Plastic Free 2022)

In each property, waste is recorded, sorted and recycled (compost, oil, glass, paper, batteries, plastic).
Adopting best waste practices in the daily activities include:
• Supply of 100% recycled paper
• Printing reduction measures
• Eco label toilet paper
• Utilization of non-toxic & biodegradable cleaning products certified “Eco label”
• Recycling of oils with professional company Kilimandjaro ENVIRONNEMENT
• Battery disposal containers
• Recycling of ink cartridges
• Providing bakery waste to a local farm in exchange for natural fertilizer
La Sultana’s main focus now is to reduce waste, so they replaced plastic straws by stainless steel straws in 2018 and invested to complete by the end of 2021 their new project of producing and bottling their own drinking water (in glass bottles) on site.
Plans are now to eliminate the rest and they encourage  guests to join in too. To reach the goal to be completely free of plastic by the year 2022.
In order to promote their actions and engage with their guests about waste impact down the line, they are in the process of creating a “Waste Management Center” by 2022 to handle recycling & compost, aiming to have 95% of their waste recycled.