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Soori Bali


Soori Bali is a private and eco-luxury retreat where you can hide away and heal the soul while enjoying the beauty, warmth and rich culture of Bali.
Enjoy Bali as it should be in a secret haven located on the edge of the ocean between Mount Batukaru and terraced rice fields. It draws strength and calm from the remarkable surroundings: rejuvenating, peaceful, and authentic. You will be able to experience this wonderful place with all your senses.

*Ownia’s tip: April to October is the best time to visit Bali, Indonesia

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Soori Bali offers elegant, contemporary villas set between the infinite ocean and the soothing green of the rice fields. Each villa is crafted out of local materials, fusing authenticity and modernity to create a unique atmosphere.

Choose the best accommodation for your vacation! Whether it’s a getaway for two or a big family/friends vacation Soori Bali has a special space for everyone! From one-bedroom Villas to Ten-bedrooms Residence


Experience a range of dining styles with the freshest ingredients. Wake up your senses while sampling authentic Balinese flavors and surprising twists on old favorites. Taste the ever-changing menu at Ombak, Soori Bali’s signature restaurant.

Start your days at Cotta, an open-air Bali beach restaurant featuring ‘tasting-style’ daily rotating breakfast menus. Or relax at The Reading Room brings a fresh, organic introduction to Indonesian fine teas and single origin coffees.


At Soori Bali, you can take your pick of full-day and half-day bespoke experiences which focus on spa and wellness, Balinese culture, arts and crafts as well as environmentally conscious excursions.
Experience Bali’s untamed beauty through journeys showcasing the island’s most scenic spots.
Re-energize, physically, mentally, and spiritually with the rejuvenating therapies & spa, or with yoga & Tai Chi.

Please enquire about pricing and availability.


Soori Bali is located on Bali’s south-western coast


Soori Bali is certified to have met the rigorous requirements of the EC3 Global EarthCheck Standard for Building, Planning and Design. EarthCheck is the world’s largest certification program for sustainable travel and tourism businesses.
The resort’s commitment to supporting social sustainability through education is implemented through the establishment of English classes at the local elementary school, as well as through a joint scholarship programme with Manajemen Pariwisata Indonesia (Mapindo), a foundation that trains local hospitality and tourism professionals. Soori Bali supports the Solemen Indonesia Foundation by providing health and safety education, as well as teaching to respect and protect the environment. Solemen is a Bali-based, Indonesian-registered, non-profit foundation working alongside accredited agencies and projects to alleviate suffering and support the disadvantaged in Bali. The resort’s design acknowledges its unique location within the Tabanan Regency, known for being the island’s main rice-growing region, by minimising disruption to the rice paddy fields within and around the property. Moreover, further foot access was created by Soori Bali, allowing local farmers to tend the fields. Local religious beliefs and customs are equally respected: permanent access to the beach is granted to pilgrims for religious processions, rites and festivals.
In line with Soori’s vision of integrating community, conservation and commerce, Soori Bali goes beyond eco-consciousness to engage the community within its West Bali locale. From its construction phase to current resort operations, the majority of the resort’s staff was hired from the local labour pool. To further ensure that its presence contributes to the island’s economy, the resort subscribes to a purchasing strategy of sourcing 85 percent or more of all ingredients, goods and services, wherever possible, from local establishments.
The various structures that compose Soori Bali are designed and oriented in a way that facilitates the passing of filtered natural light into the buildings while minimising heat gain during daytime. A combination of indigenous volcanic rock and abundant greenery organically cools the villas. Furthermore, open courtyards provide natural ventilation and lighting, minimising the use of both air conditioning and artificial lighting. Soori Bali operates efficient lighting systems, with interior lighting using low mercury fittings with photo sensors, and carefully positioned lighting that minimises energy consumption.
Water efficiency is similarly a focus of the resort’s construction and operations. In order to reduce water wastage, Soori Bali utilises a potable water supply that insures zero island groundwater abstraction for construction and operations. Water consumption is reduced through the use of water-efficient appliances in bathrooms, laundry and kitchens. A hydropneumatic system with a booster pump is installed to enable uniform water pressure throughout the resort. Water consumption is reduced by 50 percent with a separation line between gardening water and domestic water. Irrigation of natural vegetation and landscaped areas also involves the use of recycled water.
To reduce waste Soori Bali has the 4R philosophy: refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle.