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Morgan’s Rock


Morgan’s Rock is an eco-lodge tucked in the Nicaraguan jungle. Its concept and operation reflect this fantastic feeling of privacy and seclusion. Natural luxury on a private white sand tropical beach, and stunning ocean-view bungalows, all within a 4,000-acre jungle define the Morgan’s Rock experience.

 Find the bungalows hideaway on a mile-long delightful sandy beach, frequented year-round by nesting sea turtles. Nearly half of the vast property is a private reserve. The rest is low-impact agricultural land (a farm called El Aguacate) and sustainable tropical forestland.

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Morgan’s Rock has 15 bungalows, and 3 villas with two bedrooms and private pools, constructed of natural materials tucked away into the lush jungle. The refreshing private pools and stunning ocean views set the relaxed pace for your stay. All accommodations have been soundly designed to offer shelter from rain, sun, or wind, yet touching as little of the surrounding nature as possible.

Guests are in for a treat when they dine at Morgan’s Rock, whether it’s at their lovely restaurant overlooking the ocean, or over a hearty breakfast of handmade tortillas and gallo pinto (rice and beans) down at the farmhouse.

Dine at the outdoor restaurant & bar and enjoy a variety of special Nicaraguan dishes as well as an array of international flavors using the finest in local ingredients.


Morgan’s Rock offers the perfect family getaway: exploring, connecting with nature, going on adventurous excursions,  lying down, and relaxing.

You can also help nature by planting a tree, and learning from organic agriculture.  And you can’t miss getting into the jungle and seeking the three species of monkeys found in the Nicaraguan forest: Howler monkeys, Shy Spider monkeys, and the mischievous White-Faced Capuchins.


Morgan’s Rock is located at Playa Ocotal, Nicaragua. It is about 2.5 hours by car from Managua (Nicaragua’s capital) and the same distance from Liberia Airport in Costa Rica.

Address:834J+G77, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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Located on a 4000-acre expanse of Nicaraguan jungle, nearly half of Morgan’s Rock’s vast property is a private protected reserve. Nearly half of the 4,000 acre property has been designated a Private Reserve (Reserva Silvestre El Aguacate). Through reforestation, tree planting, environmental awareness and education Morgan’s Rock helps defend this important natural area against poaching, illegal logging and deforestation. Thanks to the planting of hundreds of thousands of trees and an ongoing vigilance to keep poachers off of the land wildlife has increased all over the property since the lodge opened in 2004. This protected area represents one of the last large sanctuaries, critical to the conservation of regional wildlife habitat along Central America’s Pacific coast.
Morgan´s Rock works closely with the local community, they have a program to support the local schools. They also employ people from the local community. Morgan’s Rock used local artisans and artwork inspired by indigenous cultures in its interior design, and sustainably sourced wood for furniture and infrastructure.
Morgan´s Rock sources 60% of its ingredients from their organic garden and farm. This hotel has a garden where they plant organic fruits and vegetables. They also buy from their local fishermans all the seafood.
Morgan´s Rock is 100% powered by a solar panel system, harnessing the power of the sun to generate clean energy.
Morgan´s Rock uses a centralized system for gray and black water with a bio filter system. Treated water is used for irrigation.
Morgan’s Rock waste management system is based on the 3 “R” Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Waste is also used as fertilizer at the farm.